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Established in 1998 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of ChemPacific Corporation (USA), Zhejiang ChemPacific Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded on the basis of former Hangzhou ChemPacific Pharmaceutical & Chemical Co., Ltd. Our company moved from Hangzhou to Jiaxing Port Chemical Industry Park in 2005. At present, our factory covers an area of ??more than 46,690 square meters and employs more than 160 people, including 100 professional technicians (accounting for 60% of the total number of employees); moreover, there is a research and development center, multifunctional production plants, an analysis testing center, a raw material warehouse and a finished product warehouse in our factory now. Since our company started production in 2006, our sales volume has grown at a rate of more than 100% for two consecutive years, and our profits have increased at a rate of more than 50% too. At present, our API products under R & D, imitation and production involve anti-tumor, cardiovascular and other fields. At the same time, we are working very hard on the development and application of patented products and technologies with independent intellectual property rights. Our goal is to build a first-class chemical supply and marketing system; with the help of advanced management experience, low-costing and high-efficient research and development, as well as cGMP standard approved production, we aim to provide timely, quality, perfect and comprehensive services for the pharmaceutical, biochemical, pesticide and other special chemical products industries.

Our Baltimore (USA) headquarters was founded in 1995. It makes a world-class laboratory and a kilogram-scale cGMP plant. At present, 10 products have obtained FDA certification. With advanced management, strong R & D strength and strict GMP quality system, we provide customers in the European and American markets with a full range of services from kilograms to tons of products. 

Advanced management concept: the leadership core of our headquarters owns working and managing experience in large companies in the world. Senior leaders of Zhejiang ChemPacific have rich marketing experience, production management experience and enterprise operation management experience. 

Complete marketing network: Our company establishes long-term cooperative relationship with large pharmaceutical and chemical companies such as Pfizer, Bristol-Myer Squibb, Eli Lilly, F.Hoffmann-Laroche, General Electric, Glaxo Smith Kline, Janssen, Merk Kri Kland, Novartis and Schering-Plough, etc.  While focusing on the development of European and American markets, our company was also committed to developing the domestic and Asian markets in 2008. At present, we have been well received by foreign customers for stable product quality, timely delivery time limit, perfect quality system and high-quality sales service.

Strong R & D analysis team: A considerable part of our R & D analysts have a good background in organic synthesis and analytical chemistry, and have many years of experience in developing new compounds and compounds with special structures. All of them have a bachelor degree or above, and can make technical communication directly with R & D personnel at the US headquarters or we can send them to the headquarters to study.

Complete quality system: from the executives of our company to the ordinary employees in plants, all of them hold the awareness of quality as the lifeline of the company. At the same time, GMP quality management system is strictly implemented from the procurement of raw materials, process design and production process to the storage and sales of finished products. Equipped with a complete analysis and testing center, we have good ability to put strict controls on raw materials, intermediates and finished products. "Three-stage" training and education is given to each newly recruited employee, and the quality management system is fully implemented in our company now.

Taking "integrity based, quality first" as tenet, and adhering to the business philosophy of "being people-oriented, technology-innovative, united and pragmatic", our company strives to establish an enterprising, close-cooperatied, united and efficient business team to create a corporate culture atmosphere and build a good corporate image.


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